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Xiaomi: What to Know before Importing a Smartphone from China

Xiaomi Smartphones and other products are not officially available in France. Yet many of you are importing them from China. History to avoid having you have, here is all you need to know before importing a Xiaomi product in France.

Who is Xiaomi?

You can interview anyone on the street, only a few technophiles will know about this company. Yet, Xiaomi is a Chinese giant with a ferocious appetite. Moreover, Xiaomi pronounced Sha-o-mi, which can be translated as “petit riz” in Mandarin Chinese.

Xiaomi was established in 2010, and at its head is Lei Jun, a Chinese billionaire. It is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in China. Eight years ago, he announced that he had identified three key areas for investment: mobile Internet, e-commerce and social. He is the co-founder of Joyo.com (sold to Amazon in 2004), and is also part of the Kingsoft (software) adventure.

By creating Xiaomi Tech, Lei Jun has a goal. Create a high quality phone that is sold at prices significantly lower than the competition. In its sights: Apple and Samsung.

He said in an interview that he had two aspirations: a Chinese society of traditional medicine which has just celebrated its 340 years of existence, it is called Tong Ren Tang as well as the company Hai Di Lao. Lei Jun said the two companies have taught him to never produce substandard products for reasons of cost, as well as the importance of customer service.

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